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Vermeer in detail. Gary Schwartz

-15% Vermeer in detail. Gary Schwartz
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Vermeer in detail. Gary Schwartz
Vermeer in detail. Gary Schwartz
1 512 грн.1 285,20 грн.
  • +380509094869
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  • +380636367521
  • +380684776671
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Vermeer in Detail is the fifth title in our successful In Detail series, following Van Eyck, Bruegel, Bosch and Caravaggio. Johannes Vermeer (1632−1675) was one of the most important painters of the Dutch Golden Age. Today, his paintings Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Lacemaker, The Milkmaid, and others are among the most famous and beloved – and closely examined – in the history of art. This book allows you to explore the Delft master’s work through large full reproductions as well as exceptional close-up details from his paintings. Vermeer depicted female figures and everyday objects with compelling realism. Yet his work also has a poetic and dreamy atmosphere, enchanting the viewer. The 120 details in this book are arranged by themes corresponding with Vermeer’s occasionally surprising interests. The painter showed his appreciation of other masters, for instance, by placing their paintings in his interiors. The faces of young women and their shawls, caps, hats, ribbons and curls draw the viewer’s eye and invite us to enter their world.
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Производитель  Ludion
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Год издания2017
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